Wednesday 16 May 2012

Welcome to my blog...

My aim is to talk about art and related matters in the hope that there are some readers that find it to be of interest.

To me, art is about process - one keeps working and every now and then something happens that results in an interesting work.  The difficult part is to recognise the successful work when it is in front of you. I find that the best approach is to leave a work that is suspected of being good to ripen and mature for a while; with the distance of a week or two it is much easier to judge on its merits.


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  1. Tervehdys
    Oletko asunut Helsigissä, Koskelantiellä?
    Arto Arola
    asunut Koskelantiellä 1952-1972
    - harrastan lennokkrja edelleen.